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visiting flax as an employee of VIVES / KULAK

Experience the future of learning at FLAX – House of AI! All relevant information regarding your (future ?) visit with your VIVES / KULAK Class Group can be found below!

General Information

Employees of the University of Applied Sciences VIVES and KU Leuven campus KULAK can book a visit to Flax - House of AI with their classgroup

(There is a maximum capacity of 16 people / timeslot).


We can provide the full immersive experience ( 1hr30 ) or a shortened experience ( 1hr ) depending on your needs.

It is also optional to a certain extent to provide VR applications tailored to your curriculum if you provide us with a suggestion / list.


Teachers can visit the Flax with a class group on Thursday morning and Friday morning.‚Äč

Booking your visit

Booking your visit is possible by reaching out to us through the contact form.

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